Saturday, December 12, 2009

stupid thumb

Yay! I'm done with the quarter. And officially only have 6 more months of school until I'm a Nurse. =) My boyfriends new job as a maintenance supervisor is paying off, with massive overtime.. thanks to a cold front of sub 0 temps and a lot of frozen/burst pipes.. lol He'll be helping me out with rent to get through school, as hard as it is to accept that help...Been told that I'm fiercely independent, espicially when it comes to money but i guess sometimes you have to accept a lil help.. and i plan to help him out too when he goes back to school.

my right thumb has been killing me! ouchies ouchies... its hurt off and on, started being bad over Thanksgiving, i think from gripping the steering wheel too hard or something. Use to be pain on my pinky-side, and down the muscle and into my wrist after chopping lots of stuff or driving...but this time its my thumb. Mom gave me a thumb stabalizer wrist brace deal to wear when i was complaining on turkey day and after wearing it for multiple hours, it did calm down (also took a bit of advil). After babying it for a wk, it stopped. Till last night......grr. I was chopping up stuff for this Japanese Curry stuff..only thing i can think of that involved that joint or the muscle there..but oh Damn it hurts.. i ace wrapped it cuz it kept hurting when i was sleepin.. i dont have a good thumb immobilizer at all, I have a few wrist braces though from last winter when the tendons on either side of my left wrist were hurting bad for 6+ wks.

..i just typed in 'thumb pain' in google, and went to the image search to find a pic of pic of where it hurts on me...found one that shows exactly where it hurts by far the most, and it talks about the CMC joint of the thumb..

Wonder if its the joint itself or the ligaments tyin to hold the joint in place that are screwing with me.. i hate my ligaments. I demand some news ones!

Im gunna ace it for awhile and if it keeps up, i might look at one of the thumb braces.. couldnt hurt to add to my collection of various appendage supportive

...least i'm on break. and not in the middle of clinicals.

i'll ignore the fact that i have a good 20 hours of holiday cooking and baking to do, most including things like 30+ min of active stirring and then scooping and such.. ugh. (divinity, 2 kinds of fudge, almond rocha, peanut brittle, etc etc...)

i started decreasing my desipramine in prep for the sleep study.. first few days i dream a WHOLE BUNCH and then probably by mon or tue when im not taking it all, i'll be sleeping my usual 12-15 hours and wont wake up to noises/phone/alarms etc.. and passing out randomly when i don't want to. not looking forward to that. amazing how i functioned without it for most of my life...who wouldda thought itd help so damn much.

speaking of sleep, im going back to sleep.. nightynight


stipeygirl75 said...

Congrats on your schooling! I'll bet it feels good to be close to getting done! I have the thumb pain after chopping stuff also; I'm having to cut way back on my holiday "handiwork" this year. For me it's the top joint in the thumb - I have to wrap it with medical tape until it calms down. I'd LOVE to get a splint for it someday. It stinks cause I'm eating better which requires more chopping, which helps the pain in the rest of my body - except for my poor little thumb.

Bendy_Clutz said...

stupid yahoo threw this comment into my spam folder Lol didnt see it till now!

aww our poor thumbs... itd be ncie if they'd just cooperate for us, considering how very often they are used Lol but i guess thats why they dont want to cooperate eh? lol =)