Monday, November 16, 2009

general aches and pains, they'll pass.

stupid joints...all stiff and sore. having to be a lil extra careful when i get out of bed. Yesterday, T (boyfriend) and I were chillaxin on the couch.. and he gave me a really funny look when i suddenly yelled "OUCH!" and grabbed my shoulder.. While i've never had a dislocation *knock on wood*, i can intentionally and accidentally move it a certain way that it sure feels like its about to pop outta socket, or something along those lines. Hurt for a lil while after that... he looked at me weird, i muttered something about "that hurt.. it should be better now, ignore me."

im finding i still dont like to let on to hurting when i do. i just quietly go take some more advil and such when i wanna.

can't decide if its the weather changin, or too much sitting-on-my-butt-&-not-moving-enough.. feet, ankles, wrists, fingers, shoulders, hips, knees and back hurt.. not too bad, just, annoyingly there. and uncomfortable for sleeping and such too. back/legs feel oober tight, muscle wise. damn loose ligaments. i always wanna keep stretching to find that position that it finally feels nice and stretched but somedays, i dont get that relief...and on those days, i REALLY shouldn't try cuz i'll just end up jacking myself up more.

heh to anyone whos ever seen Achmed the dead terrorist by Jeff Dunham.. when he says "I NEED SOME LIGAMENTS!" i cant help but relate. lol

aw well. could be worse. and i know im fortunate enough that i dont feel each joint all the time, 24/7 like my mom and so many other folks...and that my joints dont actually pop outta place..
i *REALLY* should be doing my old physical therapy exercises...

last test today, 90%.. im okay with that =)meant lots and lots of studying leading up to that test tho. Still so much to learn though from now till i take the Nclex.. i also eat entirely too much popcorn when I study, im pretty sure i wont want to eat another kernel for a year+ after im finally done with this program (I've found it helps keep me awake, to be snacking on it a lot... and as long as i dont throw butter on it and stuff, my hands don't get all oily and gross when i turn pages).

Will be interesting if the sleep study yields something..and if i end up with a stimulant to try.. probably will end up consuming way less energy drinks and maybe even less popcorn Lol.

It feels MUCH later than 2pm. Maybe i'll try for a nap... i dont have any urgent pressing school matters until tomorrow (CCU rotation followed by the last 2 days of clinicals, and then the 2 mental health rotation days).... then i'll have a bunch of papers/assignments to write. lol

okay, enough bitching =)

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