Monday, December 29, 2008

eds and my hips

I was able to go back home a few weeks which was great though after the 4 hr car ride (i disobeyed by last physical therapist and only got out the car once b/c the other rest stop i was gunna goto was closed.. she told me i should get up every hour of sitting in the car so my hips and SI joint don't screw up...)

well, after i was home for a few hours.. my LEFT SI joint was really really hurting which is the first time that joint has caused me trouble..
which makes me really nervous.
ever since i fell on the ice a few yrs ago, its been my right SI joint. I get the sharp stabby pain (sciatic nerve issues) on both sides but the dull ach like pain leading into intense muscle spasms in my back...only on the right.
so now im not happy cuz what happens if it happens on both at the same time?

so.. im headed back home this week. i spent the last 2 weeks snowed in under a foot and 1/.2 of now....missed christmas which sucked..but as my friend bev pointed out, its good thing its a season and not just a day =)
so i managed to not fall so far! *knock on wood* but my left wrist has been really sore.. unknown reasons. im assuming some kind of sprain? dont recall doing anything to it but thats nothing new with me.. hurts on both sides of it.
i was wearin an ace bandage awhile and that seemed to sorta help. its not *as* bad. but i couldnt carry my groceries at all with that hand yesterday. so i spose i still need to baby it.
hoping once school starts next wk it calms down moreso even. thnakfully its the left and not the right.

kinda nervous about the drive home and more potiental SI pain.. but the lady im staying with has a hottub that really helped last time. =)

I got an A- my first quarter of nursing school...
just a year and 1/2 to go!

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